London Olympics Trip Update

When the British Airways business class deal came out a couple of weeks ago, I managed to convince my wife (and myself) to drop almost 2 grand per ticket to take a week off and fly to London.  We flew the same route SFO-LHR-SFO in Club World last year with kids, using award tickets and a companion certificate that came from BA Chase Visa.  This was our first trip in a long-haul premium cabin, and we loved every minute of it. If it was so enjoyable with two small children, how awesome would it be for just the two of us?!  We jumped on the deal without any definite plans, other than “to catch the Olympic vibe” for a couple of days, and then perhaps go elsewhere in the UK or Europe for a few days.

The most exciting news since then is that we actually bought tickets to one Olympic game!  We are going to the Womens Basketball Gold Medal game.  Given how late we decided to buy the tickets, this was the only event that struck a reasonable balance between being interesting and not wildly expensive.  We also were lucky to buy the tickets through our UK friends, since the US distributor had even fewer tickets left, and at very high prices.

The game is on the same day as our arrival.  We arrive in LHR at 1pm, and the game is at 9pm.  In this time we need to go through customs, then travel on the Tube to our friends’ house in north London where we are staying (good thing it is on the same tube line as LHR), drop the bags, go to Kensington to pick the Olympics tickets from our other friends, and then go to the game.  Eight hours should be enough time… but I am considering getting a hotel for that night (using Club Carlson points), to make it a little easier.

Now a minor upset: I realized that I completely forgot to go via TopCashBack portal when buying the BA tickets.  They pay 5% cashback on British Airways bookings, and I basically left $90/ticket on the table!  I don’t know if I will be able to forgive myself.  Good thing my wife has no idea about TopCashBack.  I was giving her a hard time for booking too late when LHR-SFO was no longer available, but now it turns out that I screwed up too.


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